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Through a holistic approach to medicine, we view each patient as a whole rather than a single symptom to be treated. This is just one of many processes we perform when coming up with any diagnosis. Your health deserves proper care and attention and we strive to provide you the most appropriate care. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Menopause Therapy

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The transition through menopause varies for each woman. Having a physician with experience who is open to individualized treatment can make a  significant difference in this significant life change. Even if you are still having your periods, you can have symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal dryness and insomnia.

Birth Control


There are multiple types of birth control available to today's woman. The options range from single use as needed, daily use, long term reversible to permanent sterilization. At Canterbury Women's Health Care we will go through the options with you and find the one best suited to your needs

Pelvic Pain and Cramps

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Pelvis pain and cramping can arise from a number of different conditions. A detailed history, examination and diagnostic tests may be needed to determine the cause of your pain. Once a diagnosis is made, your options for treatment will be discussed and a plan that best suits you will be made.

MonaLisa Touch

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As women have children, age and go through menopause, changes occur in the vulva and vagina which can result in dryness, irritation, loss of urine and discomfort with intercourse. The MonaLisa Touch is a CO2 laser based therapy which offers improvement in theses symptoms. It is especially useful for women who cannot take estrogens because of breast cancer. Call for a free consult today.

Fertility Consultation

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We recognize that undergoing fertility testing and treatment is a very stressful undertaking for any couple. We are able to offer complete fertility testing including in office ultrasound and basic treatment. Should you need advanced reproductive assistance, we work closely with Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, allowing us to limit the number of visits you have to make in order to achieve your pregnancy.

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