Canterbury Women's Health Care was founded in 1985 by Dr Cynthia Bergmann and Dr Marshall Noel. At the end of their training, they had a chance to practice anywhere in the country. They choose to return to Fresno where Dr Noel had completed his residency and where Dr Bergmann had worked in Public Health. The Valley was appealing to them not only for its proximity to mountains and ocean but for the high quality of medical care, hospitals, and ancillary medical services available in the area.

Dedicated to gynecology only since 1999, Dr Noel and Dr Bergmann consistently strive to find the best ways to care for their patients in both the office and in surgery. Their office forms have been copied by many other medical groups and are reviewed with each reprinting to reflect changes in modern medicine. They have been at the forefront of gyn surgery since their foundation bringing both operative laparoscopy and operative hysteroscopy to the Central Valley. They were the first and are still the only gynecologists to be certified in operative hysteroscopy and operative laparoscopy between Bakersfield and Sacramento. Among their other firsts were the use of synthetic slings for incontinence and the use of mesh in vaginal repairs. Their latest surgical innovation is adding robotic surgery to their repertoire. This will allow them to remove large myomas (fibroids) and perform hysterectomies on large uteri that previously would have required an abdominal incision and prolonged hospital stay and recovery.

Canterbury Women's Health Care
6167 North Fresno Street, Suite 102
Fresno, CA 93710
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Canterbury Women's Health Care
6167 North Fresno Street
Suite 102
Fresno, CA 93710